Worship & Fellowship

Shalom Brethren !

The cornerstone of our community life is Shabbat.

As a Messianic congregation, we enjoy a relaxed, God-and-community focused Shabbat. We come on Saturday’s at 2 P.M. without an agenda, simply a desire to meet with HaShem and His body on His appointed time of gathering and rest.

A Non-Traditional, ‘Traditional’ Shabbat

Join us Saturday afternoons, 2 P.M. at ‘First Christian Church of Kittery Point’ at 542 Haley Road in Kittery Point, Maine ….. since 1806

Synagogues all over the world read through the Torah annually, divided into readings that traditionally date back to Ezra. In our Shabbat Services, we partake in Hebrew/English liturgies, blessings, and discuss a  Torah Cycle portion commentary to discuss what it means and how it applies to our lives today. 

If you have the desire and ability to study the portion ahead of time, that’s great – but if not, that’s fine too. You will get a lot out of this unique worship service either way.

Shabbat Afternoon Prayer & Main Service

We begin our main Shabbat worship service at 2 P.M. 

Shabbat service begins with the beautiful call of the Shofar and the Sh’ma, and then we sing or read a few liturgical blessings. After that we have our Torah service which includes reading the week’s Parashah and drash (a short sharing/teaching) on the weekly Torah portion from Messianic Pastor William (bill) Bayliss and/or our Associate Pastor George Wheeler. You will find our Shabbat services to be very ‘ interactive ‘ and flow in the Spirit of ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’.

Our congregation is a type of family-integrated community, and children join us in service. There are crayons and coloring pages available to keep their hands busy. We do, however, have a nursery available for little ones under 5.


After service, we enjoy a meal, traditionally called “Oneg” which means delight. This is done potluck-style, and everyone is welcome to attend. 

Oneg is one of the best times to get to know our community, so if you’re visiting to check us out and see if we’re a good fit for you, make sure to plan on staying! We want to get to know you!

Here at United In Messiah, we enjoy the unrushed spirit of Shabbat. We come together on Saturday with no agenda except to rest in the presence of the Lord, learn more about Him, and enjoy fellowship with each other. That said, we understand that everyone is at a different place in life, and sometimes lingering on Shabbat isn’t an option. You are welcome to stay as long as you’d like – whether that means leaving before or after Oneg, and staying for fellowship, study or just service.

We look forward to getting to know you! ….. Shabbat Shalom !